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7 e-commerce SEO trends we’re seeing in 2016


7 e-commerce SEO trends we’re seeing in 2016

Some types of online business can benefit from SEO over e-commerce websites for transactions that allow direct consumers. Not only can you get more web traffic (and a greater flow of ecomerssincome), you can also optimize specific product pages to channel traffic to their most profitable or popular pages.


But SEO (and e-commerce in general) is always evolving. New technologies, new ideas and new emerging best practices on a regular basis, and the best ecommerce webmasters are jumping on these changes to stay ahead of the competition.

Below, I have compiled a list of seven important SEO trends in e-commerce industry you must pay attention to:

1. Out of the box SEO is better than ever
positioning technology is developing so rapidly as search engines that inspired them. What I mean by “positioning technology”? I mean third applications, widgets and tools webmasters can use to optimize their sites and improve results – with minimal manual input required.

In fact, some “out of the box” solutions have emerged in the industry of web design template, allowing webmasters to ensure optimization in place of their sites in just a few steps at launch. WordPress plugins have also been around for a while to handle a lot of SEO on the site automatically, like Yoast SEO does.

These products and developments are tempting, and indeed useful, but currently, there is no solution that can automatically perform all functions on the site. However, you need to customize things like title tags, navigation, rich snippets and so on, if you want to see the best possible results.

2. long-form content is crucial
Until recently, the product pages on e-commerce sites were places for short-form content: a title, a brief description, a handful of photos and some comments from customers. However, user demand and favoritism search engines have shifted to long-form content in almost every niche.

longer format content provides more detail, longer and conversational phrases (which lend themselves to the most relevant search queries) and more differentiation in the market increased competition that has emerged in recent years tail.

I recommend you to develop more long-form content on your company blog, the description of their products and offering views on business, as long as its length support issues without unnecessary fluff.

3. Then, sharing is the key
Social media has been popular for many years, but still some increasingly in importance. In a recent survey I conducted of 357 online retailers, what works in online marketing, 52 percent of respondents said they are currently seeing a positive ROI of social media marketing, while 65 percent believe it will become increasingly important during the next five years time. In particular, 96 percent of respondents said they plan to increase their budgets or prevent the same over the next year.

More users are signing up for standbys high popularity as Facebook, and more recently, the next generation platforms such as Instagram and Snapchat are emerging as major successes for the younger generations.

One of the best ways to generate more signals more primary and secondary classification and visibility (as inbound links and social signals, respectively) is to promote a more social distribution throughout the buying process and checkout.

Make your users to share their products. Please share opinions. Have them share when you check out or when your products arrive. Keep your audience engaged with social opportunities through your site, and visibility in search engines and social media channels will prosper.

4. The video content is outpacing virtually any other content
As mobile devices, the availability of Wi-Fi and video sharing capabilities become more advanced and prominent, users are demanding more video content. Video content may appear as enriched media search results (if hosted on YouTube) and has more potential than any other type viral content.

In fact, if you are not using the video content on their product pages on their blog and the company, which is already behind the times. Video content will only become more popular, so get moving.

5. Mobile Optimization is now absolutely critical
The basics of mobile optimization and solidified by Mobilegeddon Google update, but simply meet the thresholds for mobile optimization Google is no longer enough to excel in the world of search.

Mobile optimization is to offer the best experience possible content and functionality to mobile users, growing in number compared to desktop users for the day.

Mobile optimization is also starting to include optimization applications, which Google is favoring greatly evolution as streaming application – and one day before electronic trading platforms may need to develop their own mobile applications just to survive terms of visibility.

6. search and digital voice assistants are gaining popularity and use
A few years ago, digital assistants seemed useless tricks that failed to recognize voices accurately and provide less than stellar results, even when they did. Now, more people are relying on voice search, and all the great technology companies seems to have its own digital assistant capable of extraordinary feats, including Siri, Alexa, Cortana and Google Now.

Smart marketers electronic commerce are beginning to capitalize on this trend by offering more colloquial phrases, plus the optimization of long tail phrases and more “rich” answers digital assistants can provide directly.

7. Local results are increasingly prominent
Local SEO has undergone a handful of repairs in recent years, and it is likely that new technologies (such as mobile technology) will increase the importance of local further results.

e-commerce companies often d
o not think of a local strategy, as they operate at national level and therefore want to reach a wider national audience. However, following a local strategy can also help e-commerce companies differentiate themselves from competitors and target a smaller, possibly more relevant niche that your competitors are deliberately trying to avoid.

There may be a clustering effect as more e-commerce companies begin to realize the benefits here, which is a good motivation to engage as soon as possible.

final thoughts
Keep an eye on these seven trends to ensure that their campaign remains relevant and visible in the modern era. Depending on your goals and how heavy a role SEO plays in the growth of its business in general the above suggestions should have a high priority in your marketing investment.

That said, they certainly are not the only trend I anticipate developing for electronic commerce, and it is difficult to predict exactly what is around the corner – to maintain its flexible campaign, and always be on the lookout for the next occurrence significant progress.

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